Counting Down

On July 26, 2011 we will be boarding a plane with little more than four suitcases of our possessions and the well-wishes of friends and family. After three layovers with two airlines we will arrive in what we hope to make our new home: Cairo, Egypt. We do not have a house waiting for us when we arrive, we do not speak Arabic, and we know almost nothing about the Masters programs we are entering into in the fall. We have been told that we are very brave.

Preparing for our move overseas has at times been challenging and thrilling (though never simultaneously). It has, throughout, been such a blessing to watch things fall into place in more perfect timing than we could possibly have arranged for ourselves. We’ve discovered that few people are genuinely thrilled about this opportunity – most preferring to think we are either crazy or reckless. And we have been told many, many times that we will be missed.

This blog will eventually chronicle our attempts to make Cairo home, most likely with enough cultural mishaps to fill a hilarious memoir. I will admit I was a little anxious to begin the blog already and will likely find things to talk about even as we go about our final preparations for the move.

I hope that some of the dozens of individuals I have talked to about this blog find their way here and enjoy it enough to keep reading it.

One thought on “Counting Down

  1. Well I can speak for Caleb and I and say that we are genuinely excited about this opportunity for you guys. Of course, I don’t know what that says about us! I guess you have to be an insane grad student to think that other insane grad student’s ideas are amazing. But in all seriousness, this is such a fantastic opportunity for both of you. You are certainly taking the quick but incredibly tough road to building an amazing marriage. Not a bad idea in the long run. It really speeds up the “getting to understand your spouse better” thing when you are under a lot of pressure. We love you guys and look forward to hearing about your adventure!

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