Parting with Possessions

Packing to start over in Cairo is a challenge.

Bry and I get two boxes each, and each box must be less than fifty pounds. That’s two hundred pounds of our physical world that we get to take with us. So we must shuffle through everything we own and pick out those special things worthy to be included in that two hundred pounds. Everything else is given away or stored in our family’s homes.

This process has been harder than I thought it would be. I struggle just to let go of old t-shirts or walking sticks. I long to keep a crumpled magazine and the shiny rock I found on that one day. There is so much I want to take with or store in my parents’ basement; somehow I feel like I need these things.

I’ve never been a person who wanted to get possessions. I receive little joy from shopping and buying things. But there are two sides to greed: wanting to get possessions and wanting to keep possessions. Attaching yourself to worldly things and ascribing undue value to them: that’s greed. And it can hold you down and turn you into something sinister, clinging to the temporary trappings of this planet. All the while you, and your possessions, are completely useless to God.

So this week I’ll be filling the dumpster, and the drop box at the thrift store. Here’s to letting go, and two hundred pounds of very special somethings.


5 thoughts on “Parting with Possessions

  1. I will dare it disagree. Those things that you want to keep are not you being greedy in wanting to keep the physical thing, but those things represent memories. And you are not being greedy in wanting to keep those memories close to you. :)

  2. my justification is that they remind me of times & people gone by… I really do forget a lot so I’m a collector. that’s my story & I’m sticking to it!

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