Never Actually saw the Country Club…

At lunch, we spoke with our host about our plans. He said we would go to the country club. I honestly wasn’t sure what that was. However, I was beginning to understand what Egyptians do for fun, so I knew it would involve two things:

1) Tea
2) Conversation

So I accepted. And so we drove. We stopped and got some water and orange juice.  We said hi to some of his friends. We drove some more. Traffic was very busy, so we talked about why. Then we ran out of gas.

His friends came in their car. We joked around while we pushed the car to the side of the road. We attempted to siphon gas out of one car and into another, but we didn’t have a hose, so we asked for one from people in the cars crawling past. When we got a hose, we tried siphoning gas for a while, but it didn’t work. We pushed the car some more. We talked some more. Some walked to get gas, with no success. Eventually, his friends drove the second car to the gas station and we put the gas in the first car. Then I was put into another car and taken home.

By this time it was dark.

So we never saw the Country Club, and nobody seemed to mind.

What do you think?

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