First Try

We had one phone number I found online last night. We called them and he said the apartment was already taken.

So we drove to the city (Rehab) and made a few circles. Our host/friend/life-saver stopped to ask a man sitting beside the road if he knew anyone who was trying to rent an apartment. More phone numbers and phone calls in a language we do not understand. Good news: the man renting out apartments was in town and could show us an apartment today: 1 bedroom, ground floor.

We met him at the mosque after our host/friend/life-saver went in to pray. Then we drove to the ends of the world to see the apartment.

Well, it isn’t cushy. It needs some paint. But the building looks nice and the view is pretty and the grass is green and the price was very cheap… if only it was closer to the school’s bus route. More conversations in Arabic. Oh really? It’s only a one minute walk to the nearest bus stop?

Deal. We’ll take it.

Host/friend/life-saver: “I think you are very close to God, because today everything was so easy.”

Alhamdulillah! (thanks to God)

What do you think?

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