Universal Humor

There were five of us in the room, counting the man standing in the doorway facing away from us. Arabic conversation… we listen, hopefully picking up the accent over time, or recognizing a few words.

Two of the men began snickering at the one standing in the doorway. They looked at me; I had my eyebrows raised. What’s so funny? 

“He is talking to his-self,” the man whispered to me. I leaned around Brice to see the man better. He was talking to himself, out-loud, and it was admittedly hilarious to watch.

I laughed in English. They laughed in Arabic.

When the man turned back around after his “conversation,” we pretended to be looking at the ceiling. We stifled more laughter.

Lesson of the day: talking to oneself is universally funny.


What do you think?

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