Making plans with Egyptians is futile.*

All plans made in Egypt will change.

Last night I scheduled something with an Egyptian. When I woke up, it was if it had never happened.

When Egyptians make plans, they are subject to change. And by “subject to” I mean “destined to.”

Egyptians make plans for fun, not because they intend to keep to them.

When Egyptians say “we’ll do this and this and this,” they mean that you will accomplish one of those things. Maybe one.

Plans in Egypt are like the wind, here for a beautiful, comforting second and then gone forever.

Making plans in Egypt is pointless.

If you make a plan in Egypt, you can save yourself the time and effort remembering it, because it won’t happen.

Why you make plans, foolish white man?

Making plans in Egypt is fruitless.

I made a plan yesterday, and then I made a new plan a few hours later, both of which did not happen.

Egyptians make plans. And then they make different plans. And the plans do not resemble each other.

In Egypt, there is no point in making a plan the night before because it will change three times before it happens.

When you come to Egypt, say goodbye to your plans. Even if they were good plans.

Plans in Egypt are like the desert, they stretch on as far as the eye can see. And they make you thirsty.

You can forget about sticking to plans in Egypt.

Making plans with Egyptians is unprofitable.

Plans exist in Egypt. They just don’t exist for very long.

Do you remember that one plan we made? Yeah, me neither. Let’s make another.

*unless the plan is eating


2 thoughts on “Plans

  1. During the week I destroy myself with plans, but thankfully I can halfway emulate the Egyptian manner every Saturday and Sunday. For instance, right now I am eyeing a door-knob that needs replacing. Bahahahaha…

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