I was a little concerned when we accompanied our Egyptian friend to pick up a few items for a dinner at his home. His wife called four or five times throughout the drive requesting simple things: green peppers, milk, French fries, and bread. Four items, four different stores, and over two hours in a hot car.

I was concerned. We do not have a car. I do not want to spend two hours in New Cairo once a week getting four simple items. Maybe we’ll just eat noodles…

Today our friend offered to take us somewhere to buy groceries so we could fill our new kitchen and refrigerator with something beside bread and jam (which we ate small portions of for three days). He dropped us off, said he’d run some errands and visit the mosque, and we could text him when we were finished. We walked inside. I was very happy.

Ketchup. Tuna. Chocolate. Sugar cubes. Yoghurt. Pizza sauce. Red Bull. Shrimp.


The concern vanished. Everything looked delicious after three days of bread and strawberry jam….

Irony: we ate noodles for dinner.


What do you think?

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