We moved in last Sunday and since then we have been through many “learning processes.”

The bed we purchased did not fit the mattress we purchased, despite the seller’s assurance. So the mattress sits on the floor.

We purchased the wrong closet – one without shelves inside.

Our oven was very cheap, and behaves like it. The oven does not have temperature options, superheats the entire unit within minutes and the door refuses to stay open.

The light fixtures we purchased (the apartment did not come with any) were sold without the plugs necessary to install them. So we got different, small, very ugly ones.

When we went to purchase the couch there was no more room on the moving truck. So: still no couch.

The shower does not have any place for a shower curtain so the bathroom floor is perpetually wet.

We have not been able to purchase a fan of any kind, and the apartment did not come with air conditioning.

The lock on our door still takes three minutes of fidgeting and coaxing before we can get the door open. This can be awkward when someone knocks on the door.

The existing shower head when we moved in was broken beyond use.


Today we do have a way to see after sunset. Our refrigerator works like a beauty. We replaced the shower head and we do have hot water. After a trip to the grocery store we have food in our kitchen, and I have a means of cooking it. Our mattress and new pillows are extremely comfortable. We did our first load of laundry and draped the wet clothes over every surface in the apartment – funny, but successfully clean clothes. We made friends who have helped us do things that would have taken months to do with the language barrier. We have a lot of free time now (before school starts) so we relax together and watch movies and eat sandwiches and take naps and read books and chase down the cats outside.

And I am living in Egypt. I have never been so content in my life.


One thought on “Flexibility

  1. Well, alls I can say is a certain gracious, friendly couple bestowed a tea set upon my new home once, and every other day I sip some chai variety or another and they aren’t far from my mind. They have a knack for thriving, you know? ;-)

    And if you keep throwing Arabic phrases at my head I’ll keep googling ’em. Deal? Deal.

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