Like Sour Milk

Today was a hard day.

Our plan to go downtown at 1 to do errands was pushed until after 8 pm. So we tried to have a relaxing and productive day at home.


1. Our brand new showerhead burst a hole in the hose while we were filling up the washing machine with hot water (yes, it’s a cheap washing machine and it requires that you fill it with water by hand). The new showerhead has officially become a geyser.

2. After tediously filling the washing machine using the now inefficient showerhead hose, we ran our second load of laundry after a successful batch yesterday. I permanently ruined my two favorite sweaters and a spaghetti strap because I forgot that my brown scarf (that I’ve owned for two+ years) had never been washed before.

3. We discovered that the six light fixtures we bought two days ago and were not installed yesterday because of missing parts, did not have missing parts.


It is saddening to look back at the cheery optimism you had in the morning and how it drained away as the day went on. How structured we like our lives that simple things like showerheads and sweaters from second-hand stores can make us forget that we are fortunate enough to afford both showers and clothing. How unable, we are, to retain our hopefulness when small things escape our control.

These are small things. And I am saddened that I let them ruin my day when I do not even know if I will have a tomorrow.


What do you think?

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