Not Every Day Goes Well

When you move to a new country with different expectations and strange systems, some days are bound to be very frustrating.

But some days are frustrating for different reasons. It’s actually quite confusing. Things go wrong that have nothing to do with people or culture at all. Yet they seem to happen so much more than they did in your old home.

Today was one of those days.


*We washed our dark and light laundry in the same load, just like we have for a year. This time, both of my wife’s favorite sweaters were dyed a strange brownish color.

*Our plan to accomplish many important things today was slept through.

*We got a USB modem, but the internet just… won’t… work.

*Our day-old shower head tore. And became a geyser.

*We realized how overpowered our tiny gas stove is. It evaporated a kettle full of water in minutes flat.

*We discovered that the part missing from the nice light fixtures we bought wasn’t missing at all. It was inside the box where it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, we spent 200 pounds putting up extremely ugly light fixtures, so we have to take the perfectly good nice light fixtures back to the store.

Bry and I both wrote a blog about this unfortunate day, and she had a very good conclusion. This day was full of small problems, and we let tiny issues distract us from how incredibly fortunate we are. I talked to my Egyptian friend about this later on, and he had a very good response.

I forgot it though. I was distracted by a bug bite on my arm. It really itched.

What do you think?

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