Fun fact of the day:

We do not have a single mirror in our apartment, be it pocket or wall-sized. So, I have been using the built-in web-camera on my laptop to fix my hair, do my make-up, etc. It’s not doing the trick.

And it occurred to me that we feel the need to look at ourselves in mirrors an awful lot throughout the day….

Revelation of the day:

Western World cultures place way too much emphasis on physical appearances.

Radical thought of the day:

What would happen if we allowed ourselves to see everyone as they are underneath, instead of how they dress themselves up? A transformation of Hollywood comes to mind….

Challenge of the day:

To be more concerned with the state of your mind and spiritual life when you leave the house than the appearance of your hair or clothing.

One thought on “Improvisation

  1. If more people could focus on this one thing, I think the world, or at least America, would be a much better place! I loved that while I was in Nicaragua!

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