Waiting till Monday

Orientation (seven days for International students and 2 days for Grad students) begins next Monday. With no public transportation near us and a very, very long walk to the Market we find ourselves confined to our wonderful (yet empty) new home. We have still had no success in purchasing a couch or a bed for our mattress; our house remains functional if somewhat echoey.

Brice has become friends with a security guard who is stationed near our apartment. The young man speaks very good, if halting, English, has a college degree in History, worked as a barista in a tourist town for several years, is engaged, and calls Brice everyday now. A friend told us a few weeks ago: “The good thing about Egyptians is that you can wait at a bus stop for 15 minutes, start talking with someone and when the bus comes you will be friends for life. They will call you in two weeks to come help them move.” We laughed, but have since discovered it is true. Egyptians love conversation (and where there is conversation there is tea).

On a side note: I have discovered a website on which I can order a myriad of delicious foods (cakes, Chinese, pizza, Egyptian dishes, Italian, etc.) to be delivered to my door for an extra charge of 1 US Dollar. Since this discovery we have resisted the urge to enjoy such luxury every day except one. Hot dog pizza – hot dog slices with green peppers and black olives. Interesting, but not terrible.

What I learned while writing this blog: Echo is a nymph in Greek mythology who loved the sound of her own voice so much that it was taken away from her.

^ Nerd alert.

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