We’ll Laugh About All This

I am against complaining. But so many things went wrong today that I wanted to share. At the end of the day we were joking that our dinner was going to kill us or our washing machine was going to explode while we did laundry.

1. Left my beautiful yellow tea kettle on the stove for too long and the paint peeled off

2. Broke our romantic Willow Tree figure given to us for our wedding

3. Our brand new bathroom light burnt out after only days of use

4. We received a notification from our Internet supplier that we’d used our monthly quota… after one week. (an hour later it was working again)

5. We locked ourselves out of our apartment and this time we had the key with us! (the lock refused to open)


At 9 pm tonight Brice was standing on an air-conditioning rack outside with his arm through our family room window throwing a long plastic wire at our door handle to try to hook it because the key would not turn in the lock. When he finally hooked it he was pulling on it with all his strength and it still wouldn’t turn.

We looked like burglars. Really terrible burglars. Nubia watched with amusement from the kitchen.


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