“Give me your (educated) tired, your (skilled) poor…”

Today concludes our first week of classes in the American University in Cairo.

I have learned plenty about my degree and have done quite a bit of reading already.

There have been a few surprises.

You see, my degree is in Migration and Refugee Studies.

I’m studying the policies which the world uses to determine who they help and who they turn away.


My fantasies about the international community setting aside their differences and agendas in order to help displaced people have been proven to be just that, fantasies.

The laws and policies for addressing the needs of refugees were written by real people, and real people are selfish.

These real people wrote the laws to reserve the right to take only the displaced people who could enrich their country.

They all did their best to protect their nations from refugees, instead of the other way around.

Everyone from the United States to France to the Soviet Union.


I guess it’s time to roll of my sleeves and get to work.


2 thoughts on ““Give me your (educated) tired, your (skilled) poor…”

  1. Yeehaw! Go for it big brother! Of course they’re all selfish. That’s the way of the world. Now, you, in concert with a few others (like me), will be able to do something for the rest who don’t have Hope! Keeping you and Bry in my thoughts!

  2. Yes. I started reading about who took refugees in WWII and was enraged. I work with the IRC now. Have mentored two Burmese families. When I heard you were doing the refugee program at AUC I was (okay, I still am) so jealous!

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