This is CNN

Thank you for joining us for this week’s update on life in Egypt and AUC. Tonight in the headlines:

A few days ago Bryanne cooked her first successful batch of chocolate mint brownies. After some difficult locating cocoa and vanilla due to obscure english labeling, she mixed up a delicious treat for the family using the mint leaves given to her by her Mother-in-law as a part of a spice rack. Everyone reports they were pleased with the result.

The Woodcocks are still experiencing some frustration regarding the litter box training of their newest feline companion, Nubia. While Bryanne admits: “This is the most difficult case I’ve ever seen [in a cat]” she does say they are optimistic about the coming week.

Brice has decided on his favorite sandwich at a food stand at AUC this week. After sampling several of their sandwiches including a Chicken Fajita and a Club sandwich, he recognizes the Spicy Chicken Roll as best in taste and in value. He hopes to continue a relationship with the food stand in the coming months.

Also tonight we want to recognize our bi-annual “Fewest purchased books per semester” award. Brice comes in first with a total of 0 books for his three classes, with Bryanne coming in as a close second with 7 textbooks.

One thought on “This is CNN

  1. I LOVE reading your blogs. I’m absolutely fascinated. I’m glad someone is getting to experience the real world. I’m learning about it in a Master program on Middle East studies….. in MISSOURI. : /
    Best of luck!

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