An Address

Dear women of AUC,

Despite what you may believe about current fashion trends, skinny jeans do not accentuate your body in ways they should.

You look like an inverted triangle.

Your ankles look small. Your hips look big. And I for one do not want to see every slight curve in your body between your butt and your calves. Your legs look like they are being strangled by your clothing.

Additionally: wearing ballet flats on your tiny feet below tiny ankles makes your upper body look even more disproportional.

I know you’re trying really, really hard to look westernized because you go to an expensive American school in Egypt, and why not look like it, but I promise you that girls wear other things in America besides skinny jeans.

Just thought you should know.


p.s. I know everyone is wearing them, but is it really that cool to do things that everyone else is doing?

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