The Busiest Bus

I was sent to purchase simple food items and bleach. My arms were weighed down with bags. I stood at the bus stop, trying to look cool while I worried about how I was going to get this all onto a bus full of people.

When it finally came, I wondered if I’d even be able to get on. There was quite a crowd gathering to get in, and judging by the amount of faces in the windows, most of the seats were already taken. Once I was inside, the bus started to move, and I stumbled and literally fell into the only available seat. I piled my purchases into my lap, smiled to the woman next to me (who was laughing), and prepared for a relaxing trip to the bus station.

At the next stop, more people got on. They stood in the center row and held on to the bar above. Another stop. More people standing. Another stop. About a dozen more people piled in. There was no more room on the bars anymore, but it didn’t matter, we were packed too tight to fall anyway

Someone in the back decided that this was ridiculous. He said so on the top of his lungs.

Someone at the front thought that yelling about it was ridiculous. He also said so on the top of his lungs.

They carried on this conversation until the bus reached the station.

Then we all poured out.

I was surprised to find, when I got home, that my bread had not been smashed.

What do you think?

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