Making More Mistakes/Friends

The lecture started at 7:30 and ran until 9:30.

I took the 6:30 bus towards the downtown AUC campus. After an hour of poking through traffic, the other passengers started to get antsy.

Suddenly, I realized that everyone was standing up and moving towards the front. But all I could see outside were short little buildings, nothing like downtown.

Somebody called over their shoulder to me. We had stopped by the metro and everyone thought it would be faster than waiting for the bus to get through traffic.

So I followed them. It was almost 7:30, and I didn’t want to miss most of the lecture after coming this far.

I jumped out of the bus, bought my metro ticket (1 pound, equivalent of about 15 cents), and headed to the metro platform.

I arrived just in time to see my fellow students disappear inside the train. Then the door closed and the train slid out of the station.

So there I was, alone at the station, with no idea where I was or where I was going. I could get on the next train, but where would I get off?

I paced the station, searching for anyone that looked even remotely like a college student. It felt as if I stood there panicking for hours.

Suddenly, THERE! Leaning against a wall was an Egyptian woman I vaguely recognized from class.

I introduced myself, and we carried on a lively conversation as we rode the metro.

Turns out, she speaks perfect English and is in all the same classes as me.

I ended up attending only ten minutes of the lecture (which was actually about something completely different than advertized).

Totally worth it.


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