Guide to Egyptian Granola

Food is not only a means of sustaining oneself, it is also an extremely effective source of stress relief.

I myself, being involved in graduate studies, a job, and life in general, have discovered the stress relieving wonders of Egyptian brand granola cereal. It is probably not actually made in Egypt, but hey, nobody knows where U.S. granola comes from either.



Here’s a breakdown of the delectable options hitherto sampled by yours truly.

Fruit Medley: It appears as if this box of cereal is 50% dried fruit. And not just two or three kinds of dried fruit. There must be a dozen little goodies stuffed into this baby.  Perhaps too many; it’s difficult to taste any particular thing. Also, some of the fruit is a bit too crisp, resulting in a challenging “who breaks first” battle between my teeth and the fruit.

Strawberry: At this time, my personal favorite. Classic granola clusters in a delightful marriage with real dried strawberries. Absorbs the milk while still remaining crunchy. Simple and subtle, and it warms your heart, and quite possibly contributes therefore to the health and well being of happy woodland fairies.

Classic: As the name suggests, totally normal. Granola clusters and, for some mind-boggling reason, oats. Not toasted oats, just normal oats, like they poured some dry oatmeal into the box. Anyway, this one is still quite tasty, despite the confusion I was experiencing as I ate. Absorbs milk just like the strawberry version does. But why eat non-strawberry when you could eat strawberry?

Those are all the granolas I have managed to taste so far. I’ll write another blog about my future cereal endeavors if there is overwhelming  response to this one. (And by “overwhelming”, I mean “any at all.”)


“But why are there still more words Brice?” If you don’t already know the answer to that question, you are probably a philistine, or worse, a corn flakes fan.


When procuring granola in Egypt, it is also important to know a few things about milk. After all, you’ve got to drown those scrumptious crunchy clusters in something.

*Skim is a good idea. It’s not watery like U.S. skim milk. It’s a good consistency and has just the right amount of taste to compliment cereal without stealing the show.

*If you discover something that looks exactly like milk, and is packaged exactly like milk, and says “Natural Rayeb” on the front in tiny letters, do not buy it. That is unsweetened drinking yogurt, much thicker than milk, and absolutely horrible in granola. It’s very good for cooking. Makes fantastic macaroni and cheese. But bad for granola.

*When you go to the market to buy granola, make sure you have milk at home or purchase milk at the market. There’s nothing quite so devastating as delicious granola without any milk to douse it in. That’s like Bonnie without Clyde, Frodo without Sam, or Brice without his glasses. Do you want me to wander the streets blind and hungry? Of course not, that’s why you’ll follow my sage advice.


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