School Newspapers

This is a blog of encouragement for all of the kids I met at my last school (we don’t speak the name anymore) who complained with me about our school newspaper. I want you guys to know: school newspapers can actually be interesting, educational, diverse and exciting to read.

I picked up the Caravan’s new paper today (put out every two weeks). Here are some of the headlines:

  • Scores dead as Christian protesters clash with state security
  • Electoral Law remains controversial after new decree
  • Saving an orphanage one brush stroke at a time
  • Cairo Scholarship Online
  • Religious space on campus
  • Coffee lovers hate the coffee
  • Most AUCians want Camp David Accords revised
  • Should governments have so much power?
  • Backstage musical: behind the curtain of 1930s opera
  • New course examines Egyptian values and civic duties after revolution

And the student poll: How do you feel about the October 6 War after the January 25 Revolution?

I remember some of our student polls were as exciting as “what was the best Christmas present you were ever given?” and “what did you do for the Super Bowl?” Way to foster and enrich the student community, school-that-I-do-not-mention.

2 thoughts on “School Newspapers

  1. I pick up a copy of our student newspaper at the University of Arkansas and the New York Times everyday I have class, as a reminder of deprived we were and how we are no longer.

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