A Second Guide to Egyptian Granola

Due to the fact that there was, in fact, a response to my last blog about Egyptian granola, I was motivated enough to buy more granola and write another! Let’s review a few more delectable Egyptian granola flavors, shall we?


Fruit Pieces: I kept the most recent box of this (which I finished in two days, by the way) so I could provide you with a list of the fruits in this thing.

Raisins, banana, apples, coconut, apricots, papaya, pineapple, and plums. Also trace amounts of nuts, almonds, sesame, peanuts and, get this, celery!

Obviously, there’s wide spectrum of tastes going on here. Much like the fruit medley, only more. And less of a challenge to chew. But only less of a challenge, some of the more rubbery fruit can be quite a work out. I think I pulled a muscle.


Blueberries and Raspberries: I had high hopes that this one would beat “Strawberries” as my favorite. And it came close. There really are raspberries and blueberries and crunchy granola clusters. But it turns out that tiny dried berries might as well be sugary raisins. Still good, I suppose I just set the bar set too high.


Also: I have an answer to the question which is nagging at all of your minds (unless you are a frosted flakes loving Philistine):

Where does Egyptian granola come from?

According to this box and the internet, Emco “Musli Crunchy” Granola is imported from Malaysia and Lebanon, but the main factories and offices are in the Czech Republic. So I really should call this “A Guide to Czech Granola.”

According to their website, there are several flavors of Emco Musli Crunchy granola that I haven’t even tasted yet! Honey and Oats, Nuts and Raisins, Chocolate and Hazelnuts. (Actually, all of those sound boring except the last one.)

I hope these informative blogs have bettered your lives. If there is another “overwhelming” response to this granola blog, I may go on to post my thoughts on Egyptian sandwiches, or perhaps even eggs.


4 thoughts on “A Second Guide to Egyptian Granola

  1. Ah, finally! I’ve endured this nutty, grainy wholesomeness and *now* we at last have the possibility of attending to the MEAT of the issue — being the sandwich — and engaging on a WELL ROUNDED discussion — being the egg — with nary a rooty tooty fruity bar in sight.

    • No not really, aside from there being a lot more people eating hard-boiled eggs.
      I just have opinions about eggs and how they should be made/eaten.

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