Welcome To Grad School. You Are Now Qualified to Edit Books.

I was hired to work in the Special Collections center of the library in three emails.

Upon arriving, I was informed that I would work at two different posts.

*The digitization area, making/improving databases for collections.

*The presidential collections area, writing short biographies and summaries for the collections of information about past university presidents.

These jobs are both extremely enjoyable. There’s no place a book lover would rather work, and both jobs are laid back, which is always a plus during the overwhelming challenges of graduate school.


But wait, there’s more!

After one week of working there, I was asked if I would like my next job to be editing someone’s book as they write it.

As they compiled each chapter, I would correct their grammar, assist with English, and advise them about organization.

I think I said yes before he finished his sentence.

So now, as my job, I am doing all three things. I’m paying my tuition and gaining extremely valuable experience in a variety of areas.

Work is one of the highlights of my day.


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