This is our 100th post!

To commemorate this occasion, some statistics are in order.


We have been posting since July 7th of this year.

Since then, we have moved 10567.9 kilometers (That’s 6566.6 miles for you people in the west).

Bry has posted almost twice as many blogs as Brice.

In total, this blog has received 5,280 views from all you delightful people.

On our best day, we received 141 views.

People have commented 81 times.

We have eaten approximately sixty french fry sandwiches. Each.

Bry has seen over a dozen pyramids.

We have met people from Kuwait, Sudan, Mexico, Kenya, India, Germany, Pakistan,  Hong Kong, Ohio, Australia, Venezuela, and so many more.


We’re that much closer to world domination!
Thanks for your help!

3 thoughts on “Century

    • They are the most tasty thing since hamburger helper. Which is pretty tasty.
      They have this awesome mustard-like sauce inside. Mmm.

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