How to Eat Fruit

I don’t know if many people remember the first time they were shown how to eat a banana, or their first bite into an apple.

I ate a new fruit tonight, and was presented with an unexpected childhood dilemma:  how do you eat it?

Can I eat the outside or should I peel it? Should I use a spoon? Can I eat the whole thing?

Are there seeds? If there are, are they big? Should I spit them out? Will a watermelon grow inside m… oh. Excuse the flashback from childhood.

Will it be juicy? Will it be too juicy? Should I get a napkin?

Will it be sweet? Tangy? Strong? Sour? Sharp? Tart?

Will it be crunchy like an apple or soft like a peach?

Is it ripe? How can I tell if it is ripe or not?

What color will the inside be?


The possibilities turned me into a wide-eyed child who refused to take a bite before anyone else. Then, after I’d observed our friend eat one (in this instance you may eat the entire fruit, but be careful for the huge clump of hard seeds at the center), I indulged.

Life will never be boring as long as there is new fruit to eat.

(I later discovered that what I had eaten was actually a guava – of which we ate plenty in Kenya because they grew in our front yard, but of a different, and unrecognizable, variety)

What do you think?

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