They Rule the World with Their Eyebrows

10 minutes…

15 minutes…

20 minutes…

25 minutes…

After 30 minutes of standing on the curb, Bry and I resigned ourselves that the bus would not be coming at all. Perhaps there had been a car accident. Maybe the bus driver had felt the sudden urge to see the ocean. Perhaps the road was closed so an airplane could make an emergency landing.  Whatever the reason, the bus simply wasn’t going to come bring us to school. Bry was going to miss her class, and I wasn’t going to work that day. The end of the world had come without any warning at all.

And then, there it was. The bus came around the corner and stopped in its usual place as if nothing at all was amiss. So we got inside and sat down as if nothing at all was amiss. The bus driver headed to the next stop as if nothing at all was amiss.

However, as we approached the next stop, I could see the people waiting on the curb through the window. One of them was a woman. She didn’t smile or frown or stamp her foot or even put her hand on her hip. But she did fix her gaze upon that bus driver and her right eyebrow rose in such a way that her thoughts were devastatingly clear. Oh yes, something was most definitely amiss.

There is no means of accurately translating her simple, deadly expression into words, but I will say that the bus driver shrank in his seat and so did I.

We never found out why the bus was late, though there was a suspicious dent in its side. Bry was five minutes late to class, and I wasn’t fired  because really, who could fire this face? And so everyone lived happily ever after. Except the bus driver, who is probably curled up in a corner somewhere.

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