Future History

Parliamentary elections.

Yup, they’re happening here, now!

It’s exciting to watch these events unfold. It’s “history in the making,” as they say. Really, everything that happens is history, but I think they mean, “something that will be put into history books and taught in history class someday.” So what we are experiencing now will eventually be the stuff that some very unenthused teenager is forced to write a report on. Our excitement is their chagrin, I suppose.

You don’t really feel this excitement until you speak to an Egyptian who’s about to vote. I never really cared about politics. But to them, politics aren’t the dry policies of some half-wit in a far off city. They earned these elections themselves. They literally fought for their right to do this and after all of that hardship they are now reaping a reward. And that’s a pretty great feeling; you can see it in their eyes.

Turn out has been more than anyone expected. Some people were talking about boycotting, but they turned out to be a minority at which the majority rolled their eyes. Violence was less than we thought it would be. Oh sure, Tahrir still has people in it and they are still throwing things, but everyone was worried that the elections would make things much worse.

Our university is closed for the election days over the next few weeks, and classes scheduled for those days have been moved to Saturdays.

We’re glued to our newspapers,computer screens and social network, watching “history unfold.” Someday, your kids will be reading about this.

What do you think?

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