Remembering Bagheera

We’ve had a personal tragedy in my family this week: our Kenyan kitty Bagheera died a few days ago. It’s a blow to the family that means more than just losing a cat, though that would be hard enough for us to deal with. Bagsy was born in our favorite house when we lived in Kenya and helped our family during the transition into American life. He was six and a half years old. It makes the distance to our former life seem unfortunately greater, and marks the beginning of the next stage in our family life, we feel.

Bagsy was a great cat. He loved kisses, and made a fantastic snuggle pillow, especially after he’d gained a little weight in his later years. Many friends and family have come to know him though babysitting or visits and we know he’ll be missed by all. He is buried in our backyard in Texas beneath a lava rock shaped like Africa. I wish I could have been there with my family for the burial, but I’m doing enough crying long-distance as it is.

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