Remembering Nubia

Unbelievably, only a week after I experienced loss with my family long-distance over the death of our cat, I am now required to post a second memorial for our new kitten, Nubia.

Nubia had been very sick since Tuesday night, and after asking around, we’d diagnosed her with feline distemper – at her age almost impossible to treat. The best we could do was keep her in a comfortable, quiet area and give her tiny amounts of water and a liquid antibiotic. I prayed fervently, as did many of you (and thank you), but she’s gone home nonetheless. She died this morning at 6:30 am, and we buried her on campus at AUC later in the morning. There is a funny story attached to the burial, but it is for later.

Her death is a huge blow to both of us. We have barely slept since Tuesday, staying up all night to keep her comforted, and attempt to keep her hydrated. She gave us the feeling of permanence for our new home, and our home feels terribly empty and temporary without her. She was our comfort and our joy during a time of cultural transition, academic stress, and adjusting to the huge distance between us and our families. Our lives have lost our golden sunshine.

Though I only got to love for a few months, she has left an enormous hole in my heart. Words can’t describe how much she meant to both of us. It is a tragedy to lose her so soon.

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