Kenya Kenya Kenya

Hello everyone.
I am terribly sorry that it has been so long since I posted anything. I believe that the cause of my absence will soon be clear to you.

In on a few hours, we will be on a plane to someplace I’ve longed to visit ever since I first heard my wife describe its lush landscape, bizarre creatures, and red dirt.

Here is a list of things I had to do a week ago:

*Do presentation on “Other forms of asylum seeker protection” for refugee law class

*Write twenty pages on the return (or lack thereof) of Iraqi refugees to Iraq

*Hassle the admissions department until they actually process my application for the Anthropology program

*Complete the most intimidating take home test known to man (took 18 straight hours)

*Write 5,000 words concerning the tactics used by the Serbs during the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo

Now, compare that with my current list of things to do:

*Catch lizards

*Lay in Kenyan grass and breath Kenyan air

*Befriend a giraffe

*Convince said giraffe friend to let me ride him

*Wake up to the sound of a hornbill’s wings

*Explore the neighborhood my wife grew up in

*Chase monkeys

*Drink Fanta

Yes indeed. My prospects have certainly improved.

What do you think?

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