In Celebration of a Year

I always enjoy looking back on a year’s worth of life experiences and pin-pointing the major themes and highlights. It was a year of much change and much pain, but much fulfillment and personal growth as well. Goodbye 2011. It’s been a doozy.


A few highlights from my year:

Graduated from college with a BA

Moved to a new country

Began learning Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs

Jumped out of an airplane

Witnessed a cat birthing

Discovered nail polish and eye shadow

Started graduate school

Was given a kitten

Lost two cats within a week

Started a blog

Reconnected with my best childhood friend

Celebrated our one year wedding anniversary

Was diagnosed with osteoarthritis

Met one of my heroes

Lost two great-grandparents

Gave over half of our possessions away

Got my nose pierced, twice

Was a bridesmaid

Learned to cook on a gas stove

Found my twin

Received a paycheck for the first time

Had my two very first all-nighters (and in the same month)

and Returned to Kenya for Christmas with my family after four years of longing (an update on this will come soon!)

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What do you think?

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