M is for Malaria

I got one last little Christmas present from Kenya a few days after we returned to Cairo.


So today I shall discuss this disease.

The name itself seems to suggest something exotic and exciting. I was expecting to turn green, sprout radishes out my head, or start burping slugs. However, Malaria is not as interesting as it sounds. It’s just fever topped with diarrhea and vomiting with a side of cold sweats or brain-blending headaches.

Providentially, we were given Malaria medicine before we left Kenya, so I’m on the mend now. Not as exciting as you expected huh? I’m not too upset about the anti-climax though. I still get to show off to my fellow students come February!


5 thoughts on “M is for Malaria

  1. Wow Brice, so sorry. Malaria, that is scarry. No wonder you were sick. I hope the medicine helps you feel better. Isn’t Malaria the disease that lays dorment in your system and could flair up again??
    Going to kenya had to be so exciting. I’ve always wanted to go on a safari. I love tigers, giraffes and cats of all kinds. My house has a lot. of giraffe and tiger figurines. A life size tiger cub and lifesize baby giraffe too. Anyway I hope it was all you wanted it to be.

  2. Another friend of mine just got back from Kenya for a vacation and came back sick, but doesn’t know if it was malaria or just a pre-existing cold.

    Can’t you take anti-malaria shots or something before you go?

  3. my dad said he’d rather have malaria than a bad cold, because a least you could medicate malaria! There are different types, though. In indonesia you could get a mild kind and not know it. My brother got a medium type 9 times in one year. I only had malaria two or three times in years of living in Indo, but it was TERRIBLE when I did get it.

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