Propane Gas and Hot Water

A few days ago our propane gas tank ran out of gas while a pan full of brownies was inside the oven. The brownies were quickly put into the fridge in anticipation of a refilled gas tank.

Trying to do normal things like put together a bed or buy a propane tank for your oven makes Egypt seem like some weird dimension where unexpected and illogical things are natural and everyday. The propane gas store is closed on a weekday and no one can figure out why or where else that we can buy propane gas. The man we finally get ahold of who says he’ll bring us a tank by 4 pm that day never shows up and we hear no word from him.

So we’ve survived on “Mr. Potato Chips” and deli chicken & cheese sandwiches bought especially for this occasion of no hot meals. The only real hardship is that I don’t have access to the six cups of tea I usually drink a day.

The night of the second day was when we discovered: hey! We have hot water in our shower! No, it doesn’t quite reach the boiling point but at least we’ll have hot drinks!

Our hot cocoa and tea had distinct metallic tastes to them and who knows what bacteria we ingested, but beggars without propane gas can’t be choosers.

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