Happy Birthday Revolution

Today celebrates one year of the “new” Egypt.

Reports vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands that formed various marches gathering in the infamous Tahrir Square all day, calling for reform a little less unanimously this time. Mubarak is gone (the completion of his trial is scheduled for the middle of next month), Parliament elections are finished (the Muslims Brotherhood Party took almost half of the seats), and Presidential elections are scheduled for next June (tentatively).

Protests have occurred off an on for a year, and for a while they were definitely the popular thing to do with your weekends, including (unwisely) for a few of the American students studying abroad. I think the Army’s support is divided pretty evenly among the population, and there are still a good many people who think fondly of Mubarak and hope he is able to retire in peace. Tourism remains low with various sites and museums periodically closing for strikes or because an area is unsafe. A lot has been accomplished in one year’s time though the emphasis is still one what needs to be done and much remains very up in the air regarding the future of the country.

But a Happy Birthday is in order, not just for Egypt but for a large portion of the Arab World. What’s happening in Tahrir today is a celebration of the freedom this past year has earned them.

Because political discourse is more entertaining with a few political cartoons, I’ve shamelessly searched the internet for a few good ones worth sharing.


What do you think?

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