Winter Break

You know what’s really great? Winter breaks. When I had a normal job, I didn’t have a winter break. I had two days off for Christmas, one for New Years, and that was all. But when I’m in school, for some reason, I am considered worthy of approximately an entire month of time to myself! But I’ll keep my mouth shut so the universe doesn’t notice this disparity. Bry and I have managed to keep ourselves occupied in the absence of classes:

On our return from Kenya, I had malaria. Bry spent a respectable amount of time studying for next semester and a test she took last week. I got a haircut. We went out to lunch with our dear friend whom we met on our first day in Cairo and did some catching up over Egyptian food. Thanks to Bry’s brother, we discovered a computer game called “Minecraft,” which is quite addictive. For the first time since we arrived here, our propane tank ran out; we felt pretty nifty when we were able to procure a new one in a reasonable amount of time (four days). Our bedroom wall that had an ugly leak stain for months was (finally) scraped, plastered and repainted. Many batches of cookies were eaten and many naps were taken.

We also read some books:

3 Hunger Games books

Company of Liars

Inheritance: Eldest

3 Harry Potter books 

Life, the Universe, and Everything

The Tombs of Atuan

The Other Wind

(to name a few)

School begins tomorrow. Wish us luck.


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