Things Egyptians NEVER Say

* It’s midnight, maybe we should tell our kids to stop screaming outside.

* That car cut me off, and it upset me, but I’m not going to cause a scene because that wouldn’t solve anything.

* Oh no, I’m late!

* I don’t want another cup of tea.

* … and I was like, “Hey man, don’t litter it’s bad for the environment.”

* That’s a really touching story about your sick mother, but there’s no way I’m going to bend the rules for you.

* It’s two in the morning, we shouldn’t be arguing in raised voices in the hallway.

* I feel very strongly about this, but I’m only going to use my inside voice to discuss it.

* I don’t have time for chit chat.

* That tall white guy with blond hair is probably not actually famous and it would probably be awkward if I went and got my picture with him.

* Of course he’s a nice guy, he’s from Kuwait!

* I don’t own a cell phone.

* Let’s go splash in that puddle!

* I’ll get this done for you right away.

* I’m going to make sure I get plenty of sleep tonight.

* It probably wouldn’t be safe for me to ride on top of this car.

* I’m going to wait until the street is clear before crossing.


5 thoughts on “Things Egyptians NEVER Say

  1. I don’t get the ones about splashing. Is it saying that Egyptians don’t like to splash? Also, what’s the deal about Kuwait?

    I am amazed at how late the little kids are allowed to stay out at night screaming in the yard or the hallways.

    • We were just saying 1) it never rains so splashing in puddles isn’t something you get to do here. And 2) They have an aversion to driving through puddles quickly. They crrrawwl through the puddles and don’t create splashes.

      Our Egyptian friends were telling us that Kuwaitis aren’t very popular in Egypt or other parts of the Arab World.

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