Soccer Riot and Memorial Service

Today all classes were cancelled at AUC in memory of the 70+ deaths and over a thousand injuries last Wednesday at Port Said after a football match. One of the victims of the riot, Omar Mohsen, was an AUC senior set to graduate in a few months with a degree in engineering. A memorial service was held for him on campus this afternoon. One year following the birth of the revolution, the chaos and violence in select areas is still vitalized almost weekly.  The current consensus is to blame the military for either orchestrating or allowing the riot in Port Said to occur. The military blames the crowd for provoking the police.

Light-hearted anecdote: When Brice attended a soccer match last September and our Egyptian friend noticed the stands were primarily filled with Zamalek fans, he told him:

“I really hope our team (Zamalek) wins. Otherwise I don’t know if we’re going to get out of here.”

One thought on “Soccer Riot and Memorial Service

  1. Classes at my college in New Cairo went ahead today, except for a prayer service. However, classes are cancelled starting next Sunday as part of what I understand is a student “strike” or civil disobedience action.

    Do you guys know if this is nationwide?

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