Meet Cameo

We do crazy things to own cats.

Last week we took two buses to get to Dokki, an hour and a half on the other side of Cairo. There we met with an Egyptian family who were leaving the country so the mother could get medical attention in Germany. We loaded up our new, 4 month old kitten amid tears, hugs and commands to feed her well and let her sleep with us in our bed. Then we took a taxi two hours back to the market in AlRehab where the new kitty got her kitty shots. The poor thing was taken from her plush home, driven across town, vaccinated and then dropped off at a stranger’s house for three days before she finally met her new home at our place.

We named her Cameo.

For the first four days she stayed behind the fridge or under the couch.

Her favorite things to play with are (in order of popularity): dust, toilet paper tubes, her food and her litter.

She loves to jump, she loves to purr and she loves to snuggle on my face at 4 in the morning so that suffocation and allergies compete to kill me.

She talks a lot in little chirping noises; when she meows either nothing comes out or she sounds entirely pitiful.

She’s an obsessive litter box burier.

She likes to pick up little bits of her food in one paw, drop them, pounce, then pick them up again.

We are beginning to like her very much.

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