An Egyptian Cinematic Experience

Last week we had the pleasure of entertaining a friend of the family visiting for a few days from the States. We went to see our first movie in Egypt. Although it was an English film it did have Arabic subtitles. (We saw “Grey,” starring Aslan, oh-I-mean Liam Neeson. It is an intense narrative of facing death head-on. Also it will make you terrified of wolves.)

Things we learned:

1- You get to pick your seats at the ticket counter, old-school style. Then, a man with a flashlight inside the theatre reads your seat number and points you to your row. I felt a little bit like orphan Annie at the movies with Daddy Warbucks.

2- Never go into a wolf den.

3- Egyptians like to talk during movies. And laugh. Loudly. Even during intense emotional scenes as those in “Grey.”

4- Answering your phones in an Egyptian theatre is normal and encouraged. (Life is about friends, right?)

5- The movies are shown from reels that must be changed in the middle of the film, and is broken up by a short, animated clip of a dancing popcorn box. This does not make you want to buy popcorn, though I’m sure that was the intended effect.

2 thoughts on “An Egyptian Cinematic Experience

  1. Whaddya’ know, that’s the *one* recent film I’ve happened to see in theaters, too. Never did mind the party like environment of a theater, but I have to say, if folks had been talking, cell-phoning, and otherwise obliterating that gorgeous scene where the fellow was staring off into the mountain scene by himself I would’ve burned the theater down and everyone in it, simultaneously casting a curse unto the seventh generation. And by that I mean I would be very strongly and quietly mad and do nothing but feel really crappy.

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