Something I Overheard

On the bus home yesterday a group of people were sitting behind me and getting to know each other. Their conversation was loud and the rest of the bus was quiet, so I listened in.

A few people were trying to guess where one man was from. The man was being kind of a snot and wouldn’t tell them, so they decided to make it into a guessing game by asking him questions. Unfortunately I left the bus before they did so I only got to hear a few:

1- Do you like spices on your food? (They explained if you like a lot of spices on your food you are probably from the Middle East. They were kind enough to also include India in their generalizations.)

2- Who is to blame for 9/11? (Your loyalty to certain political/cultural/social groups tells a lot about where you grew up.)

3- Do you like giraffes? (They explained that everyone from Africa likes giraffes. Valid.)

4- Do you prefer summer or winter weather? (Obvious geographical question. Someone from Europe is more likely to prefer winter.)


Reason #476 that living in another country is awesome: conversations like these.

One thought on “Something I Overheard

  1. hah! This is pretty funny. I met a guy on a bus here who was Egyptian and he had me guess where he was from. I guessed right and he asked me how I knew. I told him that anyone that I can’t really place but who could be from Southern Europe, Northern Africa, or anywhere in the Middle East…. I guess Egypt. and I’m usually right. :)

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