Hello Old Friends

It looks like its time for a generic blog update on our lives, folks. We disappeared for a little while into the business of life, but we think of you all often.

Language learning abounds. My second semester of Hieroglyphs has solidified by fascination with the language. It is frustrating and makes me feel very stupid at times, but it is always enjoyable. German is an equally frustrating experience. Just because the language uses the same alphabet as English doesn’t make it easier than Hieroglyphs. Brice’s Arabic lessons are going well after we finally managed to find a reasonably-priced tutor on campus. He meets twice a week for an hour and is taking to it really well. I think it’s adorable that he tries to find excuses to incorporate Arabic words into our conversations at home.

Brice’s first birthday in Egypt has come and gone, and we both loved the birthday package of goodies his family put together for him. It is hard to imagine that our 8th month away from them is coming to a close.

We’re well acquainted with the new cat. She’s a snuggler and an eater and a jumper. She’s broken a few things and eaten us out of house and home a few times, but we think we’re all beginning to like each other. She’s terrified of the boys who come over for tutoring, mainly because they are loud and like to pretend to be dogs around her. Typical little boys.

Tutoring is always an adventure. Some days they refuse to concentrate, other days they fly through their worksheets in no time at all and will run to the window to look out for their mother. Cause and effect, you understand. When they finish their worksheets, it is time to go home. Poor kids don’t understand they’re stuck with us for a full hour. They’re improving rapidly, though. Kids are little sponges and its a pleasant discovery to find that one day they can use full, albeit short, sentences in English. Tutoring has taught me that English is a wacked-out language, and that little boys are exhausting.


What do you think?

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