A Sweater Story

During our first month in Cairo I ruined a couple of my favorite sweaters because I washed them with a brown scarf I’d forgotten had never been washed before. White and grey sweaters became brown sweaters. I threw one of them away but kept my favorite one hoping someday I could dye it and still wear it.

The day had come. Only, we didn’t dye it… we attempted to bleach it, assuming that the sweater would become white or a light grey again, at least. (perhaps our concept of chemistry is a little simplified) After soaking it in bleach for a few hours we checked on the sweater to discover it had become yellow. Not diarrhea yellow, either. But walking-on-sunshine-in-a-field-of-sunflowers yellow. It’s a sweater miracle.

Watch out sunflowers. You’re in for some competition.

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