Around the World in 4 Hours

Tuesday was AUC’s 25th annual International Day. Thirty+ booths were set up throughout the plaza, each representing a nation. The idea was to “fly around the world” by visiting all the booths and seeing/hearing/tasting what each culture had to offer. They even gave out passports you could get stamped as you visited each country.

The Kenyan booth was run by several women in colorful clothing and beads. Two of them were students, one of which I already knew. Bry got to eat Chapati, spinach, beef stew and rice (Kenyan food!). We listened to them speak Swahili and smiled.

Lebanon was not particularly well decorated, but they played very loud Lebanese music and danced in their booth.

The Iraqi booth was bare, with a single man in a chair smoking a cigarette.

France was giving away free nutella crepes. I’m not sure if that’s the traditional form of French crepe, but we did not complain.

Scotland had an interesting method for describing their country. They posted pictures of all of the attractive famous people (James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery, Craig Ferguson, Billy Boyd, Gerard Butler, etc.) who have come from Scotland. There was a picture of Mel Gibson with a big X over his face. It read “NOT FROM SCOTLAND.”

North Sudan had a woman drawing “henna” on people’s hands (flowery temporary tattoos). I wanted to get one too,  but Bry said that people would laugh at me because only girls get henna.

Kazakhstan was definitely a winner. They gave out pieces of Kazakhstani chocolate, declaring “Welcome to Kazakhstan.” Good publicity.

Rwanda demanded answers to difficult questions like “Where is Rwanda?” and “What language do they speak in Rwanda?” I answered “Rwandanese.” I was wrong.

Mexico was selling burritos and quesadillas, but the line was too long and we were full of crepes.

In typical Saudi style, Saudi Arabia had overflowed into two or three booths. They had a display of fancy tea kettles and an arrangement of rugs and pillows.

Malaysia “Truly Asia!” (This is the motto from Malaysian TV commercials and unfortunately the only thing either of us remembers about this booth.)

We completely avoided the American booth, but we overheard that they did something with hot dogs.


There were also a number of performances on a big stage of dancers and musicians from around the world. This included dancing Indian girls, dancing Turks, dancing Sudanese and an American rock band playing country music and Nirvana. (Bry yelled, “Go back to America!” at them [she then begged me to report her boisterousness on this blog])

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