Thesis Topic?

Anthropology masters students are required to write a 120 page thesis before graduation. That’s 120 pages of death and boredom unless you chose something interesting to write about.

I think I might have found something cool.

I work at AUC’s library on a project documenting the events of the January 25th revolution. You know what’s interesting? I found all these pictures of memorials for those who were killed by police.

Protesters carried around posters mourning those that had died. There were multiple memorials erected throughout the square. Lots of smiling portraits and crying mothers.

So how about this thesis topic: Definitions of Glory – The emotional impact of martyrs during the Egyptian Revolution and how this inspires action.

(Okay, so the title doesn’t exactly fit, but it sounds awesome doesn’t it?)


2 thoughts on “Thesis Topic?

  1. It does sound great…. but you should think about how will this be measured and if you should compare this idea to real like… right now the martyrs actually have no or few effects in the soceity. maybe you should compare between the mentality of the egyptian people before and after and how this emotional impact affects thier lives. cuz it doe snot affect policies or rule or anything YET.

    Good Luck

  2. Cool topic! You may be asked to narrow that…. and cosequential action is hard to prove. how about specifically how martyrdom shaped the EGyptian cultural psyche in art (or music)? You’ll probably have to find a way to measure these things … writings & art of various kinds. something folk-artsy like poetry, journaling, songs written, etc.

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