Window Conversations

Egyptian drivers are the masters of close calls. They are also the masters of communicating with each other while driving.

It’s normal for drivers to chat with the drivers of other vehicles via the driver’s side or passenger windows while both cars retain their driving speed. It’s a little intimidating to witness the first time… but you get used to it. Sometimes the drivers know each other and they want to catch up on life. Sometimes a fun conversation grows out of a quick “How do I get to the Ring Road?” and before you know it the driver is friends with everyone on the road. Or sometimes, like a few days ago, a man in a neighboring car is desperate for a smoke but finds himself without a lighter.

Obvious solution: ask the drivers of one of the moving vehicles around him.

Our driver groped around in the car for his lighter, passed it out the window and into the other car. The man lit up (both cars still driving side by side down the main thoroughfare) and passed the lighter back to our car along with his thanks. “Anytime bro,” is what I’m sure he said. “What are other drivers of moving vehicles for?”

What do you think?

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