A Blog about a Birth

We are entering our 10th month in Egypt and the distance is starting to do some deep-cleaning in my soul. We’ve missed birthdays and anniversaries, and next month we’ll miss a graduation. We’ve missed housewarmings and weddings. And now we’ve missed a birth.

One of my favorite married couples in the whole world discovered they were pregnant right after we left the States. Theodore William was born last week and I can’t tell you how much anguish I’ve endured since then that I cannot be with them during this joyous moment. If we’d been in the States I would have happily spent the entire day at the hospital with them to welcome their son the instant he greeted the world. He is positively precious and I am beyond thrilled that they have been given him. Someday I will hug him tightly.

This month has been especially hard and I finally understand the looks of shock and confusion on our friends’ faces when we told them we were leaving. Leave your life with your friends and your family and job and your whole world set up here? I agree with them now: it sounds entirely crazy. We don’t regret the move; living in Egypt is fulfilling on numerous levels. But we feel the absence of those we love with greater intensity the longer we are here.

The 11 month to 2 years timeframe is heralded as the hardest term of cultural transition. We may need some prayers. And some visitors!

To Adam and Krista, with our congratulations! You and little Teddy are held close to our hearts, even from afar.

May you find peace in your home with your son.

2 thoughts on “A Blog about a Birth

  1. yeah. Not looking forward to this. It’s why I hated settling in to Dallas. True, I didn’t like Dallas, but even worse was that I knew after four+ years there would be all sorts of connections and settling in that would have been done. And then leaving would be much harder. *sigh*.

  2. i really enjoyed your blog! your both amusing writers. Im planning to move to cairo on either june or august 1st and so many people complained about being slum-like, but I really felt at east after reading your blog and am really excited to come. I just graduated with a ba in sociology and will be coming to intern and teach english in a nursery. =) Would be awesome to have tea with u guys too if i actually make it out there!

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