Sometimes your landlady calls you to let you know that she’s selling the apartment you’re currently living in. Sometimes she doesn’t give you much warning and you soon realize that you’ll likely be moving by the end of the month, a couple months before your lease even ends. But that’s ok, because she’s managed to hook you up with the apartment her sister is trying to rent out and after you see it, it turns out that you like it better anyway. We’ve all been there, right?


So today I began to pack up the place and prepare for the short move across AlRehab.

Here’s a sneak peak at the view from our new front door… I see picnics in our near future.

Reasons I’m excited about our new apartment:

1- our new bathroom has a mirror in it! After ten months, our apartment is still mirror-free. It’s been a great experience, but I miss knowing what I look like when I leave the house.

2- our kitchen has shelves, drawers and cabinets in it! Our current kitchen has none of those things, only a marble counter top. All of our kitchen-ware is stacked on rubbermaid tubs in the corner.

3- Brice said I can get a new kitten! (Insha’Allah)

4-  our windows won’t face the courtyard of the building. Every person who enters or exits the building gets a nice long look into our main room, to stare at us while we’re on the couch or in the kitchen. It gets awkward. (Living in Kenya acquainted me with staring, but not while I was chilling in my comfy pajamas on the couch with a book…)

5- it is located within walking distance from the AlRehab souq, and one of the Malls! The idea of buying groceries and simply walking home (we currently take 2 buses) sounds fantastic.

6- it has a tiny patio and a clothesline outside so we won’t have to hang our clothes up in the family room or bathroom anymore.

7- we’ll have a second bedroom, which will allow us to host guests better. (plus I’ll have somewhere to confine the cat or the husband if they get annoying. I kid.) So, US friends! Plan a trip to come visit! I make fantastic brownies.


4 thoughts on “Moving

  1. good afternoon! My wife, daughters and I are moving ot Cairo in August to teach. We plan on living in Rehab so anything you can post in your blog..written or photos…would be most exciting to see.
    Thank you!

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