Elections in Egypt

For the first time in almost thirty years, Egyptians lined up this week to vote in (hopefully!) completely fair, unrigged presidential elections.

There were twelve candidates to chose from, and there really was no certainty about who was the favorite.

There will not be an official announcement as to the winners until Tuesday, but the preliminary results are showing two candidates well ahead of the rest.

Mohammed Morsi: Morsi is the chairman of the “Freedom and Justice party” and has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has a “Renaissance Project” that he believes will stabilize the economic, political and national security situations by reviving industrial cities in improving development.

Ahmed Shafik: Mubarak’s former Prime Minister, I was surprised that this candidate did so well in the elections. However, he claims to have no affiliation with the former regime, is a skilled economist, and promises to stop the increase of Egyptian crime within his first thirty days in office.

Based on the voting, it would appear that the biggest issue for Egyptians is stability. The thing that these two candidates have in common is that they are both strong people with connections to strong organizations. Whichever person becomes president, they will be hard-pressed to reduce poverty, cut down on crime, and repair the wounded Egyptian economy.

These two candidates will now move to the final round of voting on June 16th and 17th. The presidential inauguration will be held on  July1st.


What do you think?

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