Berlin is a Classy Place

One of the incredible benefits of living in Egypt is its geographical location. Europe, the Middle East and Africa are only short plane rides away. We got to enjoy this when we took a trip to Kenya for Christmas, and this weekend the Egyptology department loaded six students and five professors onto a plane bound for Germany (with minimal expense to us, may I add).

Can I just say that going to Berlin was the best school field trip ever?

Those of you not familiar with the history of archaeology in Egypt may be surprised to learn that the first archaeologists primarily originated from France (Auguste Mariette, Gaston Maspero, etc.) and Germany (Ludwig Borchardt, Karl Lepsius, etc.) with some later smatterings of England (W. Flinders Petrie, Howard Carter, etc.). As a result, Egyptology students should be able to read German and French in addition to the ancient languages.

Many Egyptian artifacts were carted off to Europe and the United States in the 1800s and early 1900s. Musee du Louvre in Paris, Neues Museum in Berlin, Metropolitan Museum in New York, British Museum in London, Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Museo Egizio in Turin, the Oriental Institute in Chicago and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston are some of the best. Learning about Ancient Egypt sometimes feels like the best kind of a global jig-saw puzzle.

We also managed to see a few “Berlin” sites… I’ve included some pictures for you all to enjoy.

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