The Mubarak Verdict

The Internet is abuzz with reactions to the regime trial verdicts announced this morning. Mubarak and his interior minister were sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, though many seem to think he will be free within five years if he behaves himself. Some people saw it for what it is: a slap on the wrist, and nothing more. He was found not guilty of financial corruption, since the crimes were allegedly committed over ten years ago. Apparently justice has an expiration date.

Nobody seems sure about where is will live out his prison sentence. But if it’s anything like how he has been living while under arrest, he’ll be living quite comfortably.

As far as his six deputies are concerned, they were acquitted of all charges, meaning that those held responsible by the nation for the deaths of more than 800 Egyptian protestors are going home, scot-free. On top of that, they’ll be returning to work in the Egyptian government, as though nothing happened.

Egyptians frustrated with this verdict are protesting in Tahrir Square today. Among them are the families of martyrs, many with posters or carrying the clothes of their dead relatives. Many demand the death penalty for Mubarak and all of his deputies.

Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, is abuzz with opinions. Many are dissatisfied with the outcome, others are upset that Mubarak’s deputies were untouched, still others support Mubarak and are upset that he was found guilty at all.

In other news, Mubarak’s former prime-minister is one of the two candidates currently running for president of the country.

Sharm el Sheikh is a tourist town by the sea

Sharm el Sheikh is a tourist town by the sea


One thought on “The Mubarak Verdict

  1. I’m kind of surprised he wasn’t acquitted. Not that I think he should have been but momentum seemed to be headed in that direction. Mubarak is old and sick. He’ll die before he serves five years. It is a disappointment The cartoon sums it up well.

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