A Word about Apartments

Nine months through our one-year lease of our first apartment in Egypt we were informed that our Landlady was selling the place out from under us – and this after we spent several months deliberating on whether we should move or stay, and decided to stay.

So, ten months through our one-year lease we moved into our second apartment in Egypt, also in AlRehab, though on the opposite side. While we were moving both of us really missed our old apartment, but now that we’re getting settled we love the feel of our new one. Alhamdulillah. (We paid a group of guys to transport our home from our old apartment to our new apartment; a single man carried our fridge on his back out of the house. Probably wouldn’t pass safety laws in the States. Managed to get one picture.)

As newlyweds we moved into a 1-bedroom apartment in Southern Missouri, complete with: oven, refrigerator, air Conditioning/heating, carpet, hot water, a big bedroom closet and a small laundry room pantry, plus a slew of kitchen cabinets. I took those things for granted.

Our next two apartments had none of those things. Yeah. Get this: no closets. No pantries, no cupboards, no drawers of any kind, except what we brought with us. There is fortunately a small counter in the kitchen, otherwise I don’t know what I’d do to prepare meals. Our clothes go in a small, wooden wardrobe (no trips to Narnia yet but we’ll keep you posted) and are using our rubbermaids as kitchen shelves. There’s no such thing as built-in closets or built-in bookshelves, unless you want to install them into the concrete walls yourself.

Apartments in Egypt are nothing but the walls and you need to bring all of the “home” with you (the exception to this are the more expensive, pre-furnished apartments). When you rent, the last thing that you do before you leave is pay someone to return the walls back to their original white color for the next renter. I’m slowly learning to think of them more as small, stacked houses rather than apartments. They are essentially blank slates; perfect for purchasing and personalizing.

Some more personal notes:

  • We have a mirror now! It freaks both of us out. (Ten months without a mirror: check. Skill unlocked.)
  • Our windows have screens on them! We’re praising God for no more mosquitos, and Cameo (the cat) is thrilled that she can perform vigils at the window all day. All. Day. Staring.
  • We’re working to get our Internet switched and (by now) we all know how long things take in Egypt. Bear with us.
  • We want some visitors from the States. So search your heart. The offer on those brownies still stands.

What do you think?

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